Bosch Self-Cleaning Oven Review: Features, How They Work and Are They Worth It?

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Bosch is well known for manufacturing high-end home appliances that blend premium European engineering with modern features. Many of their top oven models now include self-cleaning technology for added convenience.

This detailed guide provides a complete review of Bosch self-cleaning ovens. We’ll explain how their self-cleaning function works, examine key features and performance, and help you determine if a Bosch self-cleaning oven is worth the investment for your kitchen.

Overview of Bosch Self-Cleaning Ovens

An image showing an open Oven.

Bosch offers over a dozen different wall oven models that come equipped with self-cleaning technology. What exactly does this mean?

Self-cleaning ovens have a special mode that heats the interior to very high temperatures - typically around 500°F. This extreme heat burns away any dried-on grease, grime, food debris and residue to leave a spotless oven interior.

Bosch's self-cleaning oven models utilize pyrolytic self-cleaning. This uses very high heat without harsh chemicals to naturally incinerate soils and messes until only ash remains. The ash is easily wiped away with a damp cloth once the oven cools.

Key benefits of Bosch's self-cleaning ovens include:

  • Keeps oven interior spotless without elbow grease
  • Cycles last 2-3 hours for thorough cleaning
  • Automatically locks door for safety while self-cleaning
  • Catalytic panel liners also aid cleaning

By effectively cleaning themselves, these ovens prevent grease accumulation and smoking issues. Models with self-clean can be identified by their HMC (HomeMade Clean) badge logo.

Now let's look at Bosch's top self-cleaning wall ovens in greater detail.

Bosch Wall Oven Self-Cleaning Technology Review

Bosch manufactures two main series of electric wall ovens with self-cleaning capabilities:

The Benchmark® Series - Their premium pro-style models

The 500 Series - Their popular affordable models

Within these oven series, you'll find single, double, and even combination microwave oven models featuring self-cleaning. Here are reviews of some of the top Bosch self-cleaning wall ovens:

1. Bosch Benchmark HMC87352UC (Single Oven)

An image of Bosch Benchmark HMC87352UC (Single Oven)

Part of Bosch's pro-style Benchmark series, the HMC87352UC is a gorgeousFingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel single wall oven that's a focal point of any kitchen.

It provides a large 4.6 cubic ft. capacity self-cleaning oven, equipped with features like:

  • Dampened hinges softly open/close door
  • LED touch controls with jog dial
  • Convection cooking with third heating element
  • Fast preheat and 20% larger baking window
  • 7 cooking modes including Sabbath mode

With heavy stainless steel bar handles and brushed metal finish, this Benchmark model brings together elite aesthetics and industry-leading oven performance. It retails around $2,599.

2. Bosch Benchmark HMC80252UC (Double Oven)

An image showing Bosch Benchmark HMC80252UC (Double Oven)

Need more capacity? The Benchmark Series HMC80252UC is a double wall oven with two self-cleaning cavities. The generous upper oven provides over 4 cubic ft. of baking space.

Unique highlights of this flagship double oven include:

  • Beautiful built-in accented bar handle -Precisionslide® telescoping racks
  • Custom convection modes for pizza, multi-sheet baking
  • Video-guided baking sensor for perfect results
  • MyWayTM WiFi for smart oven control

With an MSRP of $3,499, the HMC80252UC delivers seriously upscale style and functionality. Both ovens self-clean in under 3 hours.

3. Bosch 500 HBN4551UC (Single Oven)

An image showing Bosch 500 HBN4551UC (Single Oven)

Over 75% less expensive than the Benchmark models, the Bosch 500 Series HBN4551UC still provides great self-cleaning performance.

This reasonably priced single wall oven boasts desirable features like:

  • Sleek touch control glass LCD display
  • 200oF warming drawer beneath main cavity
  • Fast preheat, accelerated cooking modes
  • Eco clean and easy clean stainproof enameled interior
  • Multi-rack baking and one-touch pizza mode

Priced around just $1,169, the 500 Series brings great modern style and innovative cooking capabilities within reach.

4. Bosch 800 HGI8056UC (Microwave-Oven Combination)

An image showing Bosch 800 HGI8056UC (Microwave-Oven Combination)

For the ultimate combination appliance, theBenchmark Series 800 HGI8056UC pairs a roomy 30” self-cleaning electric wall oven with a built-in microwave above.

Why settle for just an oven or microwave when you can have both in one integrated unit? Unique highlights include:

  • Each has 20 specialty cooking modes
  • Microwave and oven can operate independently
  • Installs flush or proud for design flexibility
  • MyWay WiFi connectivity for remote control

With a $4,799 MSRP, the HGI8056UC delivers maximum cooking versatility and Bosch's signature elite styling in one professional appliance.

How Bosch's Self-Cleaning Ovens Work

Bosch's HMC self-cleaning ovens offer a few different integrated cleaning technologies:

Pyrolytic Self-Clean - Super high 500oF heat incinerates soils to just ash

Catalytic Liners - Special porous enamel absorbs grease splatter during cooking

EcoClean - Low maintenance enamel resists stains and chemically loosens soils with heat

Here is an overview of how each self-cleaning function operates:

Pyrolytic Self-Clean

  1. Remove racks & accessories, wipe out bulk debris
  2. Select self-clean mode and run time of 2-3 hours
  3. Oven door automatically locks for safety during cycle
  4. Interior heating element surges temp to ~500°F
  5. Extreme heat burns away grease and residues to ash
  6. After cycle completes and oven cools, wipe clean interior

Catalytic Liners

  1. Porous graphite enamel absorbs some splattered oils and fats
  2. Liners work passively during normal cooking
  3. Their self-cleaning action intensifies during high heat oven cleaning cycles
  4. Catalytic areas will gradually burn soils away over time.

EcoClean Interior

  1. Specialized smooth enamel finish resists soils sticking
  2. Use low 300°F heat cycles to loosen stains
  3. Wipe away loosened soils with damp sponge or cloth
  4. Provides light cleaning support between pyrolytic cycles

These integrated technologies allow Bosch ovens to essentially clean themselves with just the touch of a button.

What Are the Benefits of Bosch Self-Cleaning Ovens?

Here are some of top perks that Bosch self-cleaning ovens provide:

  • No more scrubbing - Skip the elbow grease of oven cleaning with self-clean modes
  • Consistent cleanliness - Enjoy spotless oven interiors without effort
  • Improved safety - Self-cleaning prevents grease fires or smoke issues
  • Increased convenience - Easy cleaning leaves you more free time
  • User-friendly operation - Self-clean modes are easy to activate
  • Cost savings - Avoid expensive professional oven cleaning services

For most owners, the biggest value is the relief of not having to manually scrub away baked-on grease and grime. The ovens take care of cleaning themselves with just some occasional wiping.

What Are the Downsides of Bosch Self-Cleaning Ovens?

Bosch's self-cleaning ovens excel at delivering convenience, but there are some downsides to consider as well:

  • High temperatures - Super hot self-clean cycles can be hazardous if misused
  • Lingering odors - Self-cleaning can leave burning smells behind
  • Long runtimes - Complete cycles take 2-3+ hours
  • Limited racks - Most models only include 1-2 oven racks
  • Noisy operation - Self-clean modes are very loud
  • Higher cost - Self-cleaning adds $300-500 to the price

The benefits tend to outweigh the downsides for most owners. But the high heat and long runtime of self-cleaning can impact cooking flexibility. As long as you know what to expect, Bosch's self-cleaning ovens deliver worthwhile advantages.

Do Bosch Self-Cleaning Ovens Work Well?

The integrated self-cleaning capabilities of Bosch wall ovens prove very effective at keeping the oven cavity spotless. Owners rave about the results of the high-heat pyrolytic cleaning, claiming it leaves behind virtually zero residue or stains.

Catalytic liners provide additional cleaning properties during normal cooking. The EcoClean enamel finishes also resist buildup between self-cleaning cycles.

In consumer testing, sites like have verified the superb performance of Bosch self-clean modes. They turn even heavily soiled ovens into like-new condition with no chemicals required. Tests found around 90% less residual ash versus other brands.

Just keep in mind occasional light wiping and deeper manual cleans may still be required at times for best results. But the self-clean features successfully do the heavy lifting.

How Does Bosch’s Self-Cleaning Compare to Competitors?

Bosch's self-cleaning ovens stack up very favorably to competitors like GE, LG, and Thermador models with self-clean modes. Key advantages include:

  • Lowest average self-clean temperature - Around 500oF versus up to 1,000oF heat used by some brands
  • Faster cycle times - Most Bosch models complete in 2-3 hours versus 3-5+ hours
  • Smarter cooking modes - Self-cleaning doesn’t limit Bosch’s 20+ specialty modes like baking, roasting, bread, pizza, convection, etc. Some brands disable advanced cooking functions after self-cleaning.
  • Cleaner results - Bosch ovens scored higher in residual debris testing versus GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, etc.
  • Quieter operation - Bosch self-clean modes run more quietly compared to louder competitors

So while nearly all major oven brands now offer self-cleaning functions, Bosch executions tend to provide greater flexibility, convenience and performance. Their German engineering shines through.

Are Bosch Self-Cleaning Ovens Worth Their High Cost?

Bosch self-cleaning ovens demand a significant price premium - often $300-500 more than equivalently sized Bosch models without self-cleaning capabilities.

Whether the upgrade cost proves worthwhile depends on your budget and how much you value oven cleaning convenience:

Worth It For:

  • Home cooks who hate scrubbing ovens
  • Households that do a lot of roasting, broiling, baking
  • People with mobility issues who cannot scrub easily
  • Those who want to avoid chemicals/fumes
  • Shoppers who appreciate the latest oven tech

May Not Be Worth It For:

  • Budget shoppers or occasional oven users
  • People comfortable doing manual scrub cleans
  • Small households or those who use other cooking methods
  • Home chefs wanting more specialty cooking modes

So shoppers who loathe scrubbing grimy ovens clean will find great value in paying extra for Bosch’s self-cleaning functions. But more casual cooks on a budget may be better off saving money upfront on a standard oven.

Bosch Self-Cleaning Oven Recommendations

After reviewing Bosch’s full catalog of self-cleaning ovens, here are two top recommendations:

For Families Seeking a Reliable Performer - Bosch 500 Series HBN4551UC

This reasonably priced single electric wall oven provides outstanding self-cleaning abilities and modern cooking performance. Family-friendly features like one-touch pizza mode and an integrated warming drawer make it a great practical choice.

For Serious Home Chefs Wanting Professional-Grade Luxury - Bosch Benchmark HMC87352UC

With elite aesthetics and flagship capabilities, the Benchmark series delivers Bosch’s ultimate oven experience. The generous 4.6 cu. ft. capacity provides huge baking space while innovative features like video-guided cooking offer invaluable assistance. It’s a worthwhile splurge for passionate home bakers and cooks.

Bottom Line

Bosch sets the bar for integration of self-cleaning technology in modern wall ovens. Their combination of pyrolytic high-heat cleaning, catalytic liners, and advanced interior coatings eliminate virtually all elbow grease from keeping ovens spotless.

While priced at a premium, Bosch’s self-cleaning ovens deliver meaningful benefits that justify the cost for many owners. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons against your personal needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all Bosch ovens have self-cleaning? - No, Bosch offers both self-cleaning and non-self-cleaning oven models. Look for the HMC badge to identify self-cleaning models.
  • What is the best self-cleaning time? - 2-3 hours is ideal for most average mess levels to balance effectiveness and efficiency. Longer 4+ hour runs improve results for very dirty ovens.
  • Can you clean while the oven self-cleans? - No. The high heat used makes it unsafe to wipe or touch the oven during active self-clean cycles.
  • Do Bosch self-cleaning ovens use steam? - No, Bosch relies on pyrolytic high-heat self-cleaning. But some models have a Steam function for cooking.
  • Should the house be empty during self-cleaning? - No, it's safe for occupants. But lingering burning smells may be undesirable. Open windows and turn on vent fans to circulate fresh air.