Lamona Oven Review: A Comprehensive Brand Guide

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Lamona is a popular brand of home appliances that offers a wide selection of freestanding electric, gas and double ovens at affordable price points. If you're considering purchasing a new Lamona oven for your kitchen, this detailed review will cover everything you need to know about these appliances.

We'll examine Lamona oven models, features, specs, quality, durability, warranties, pricing and more. You'll also find useful comparisons to other top oven brands like AEG, Zanussi and Bosch. Let's dive in to see if a Lamona oven is the right choice for your baking and cooking needs.

Lamona Oven Overview

Lamona ovens are designed and manufactured exclusively for supply to British retailer Howdens Joinery. The brand offers contemporary kitchen appliance styling at budget-friendly prices compared to premium brands. Their ovens are produced by major manufacturers like Caple, CDA and Whirlpool UK.

Key features found across Lamona single, double and combo oven ranges include:

  • Electric, gas and dual fuel models from 50-90 cm widths
  • Conventional and multifunction/multicooker designs
  • Classic or stainless steel finish options
  • Catalytic liners for easy cleaning
  • Triple-glazed cool touch glass
  • Automatic safety switch-off
  • Analog or digital displays with timers and alerts
  • Energy efficiency ratings from A+ to A/A-

So in terms of core functionality and specs, Lamona ovens provide similar performance capabilities to equivalent models from expensive brands. The main differences are more in overall build quality, durability, warranty coverage and prestige.

Lamona Single Oven Reviews

Lamona single ovens come in both conventional and multifunction varieties. Here are details on some of their top-rated current models:

Lamona LAM3200 Single Fan Oven - 59L

An image showing Lamona LAM3200 Single Fan Oven - 59L

This entry-level single oven comes in a 600mm width with a 59 liter capacity stainless steel or black finish. It's an analogcontrolled conventional oven with manual knobs to set the timer, temperature and function modes which include light, fan cooking, variable grill and defrost.

The LAM3200 oven is A+ energy rated and has an LED programmable clock with minute minder and auto cooking time shutdown. It uses fanned convection cooking for even heat distribution. The triple-glazed glass stays cool while the interior catalytic liners aid cleaning.

Reviewers praise this Lamona oven's excellent value and reliable performance for the very reasonable price point. It provides all the essential functions of a modern electric oven in an easy to operate analog package.

Lamona LAM3213 Single Multifunction Oven

An image showing Lamona LAM3213 Single Multifunction Oven.

This popular 60cm wide single oven has a large 66 liter capacity and comes in a stylish black finish. Featuring improved A energy efficiency, it has 8 different cooking functions and an LED digital display for programming cook times, temperature, demo modes and the minute minder timer.

Functions include defrost, fanned cooking, conventional oven, variable grill, dropped grill, fan assisted grill, pizza setting and bottom heat. The triple-glazed cool door includes a safety switch off. Catalytic liners also make cleaning straightforward.

Owners love this oven's modern yet user-friendly digital controls. It delivers versatile multifunction cooking at an affordable price. The black finish gives it an elegant look in any kitchen.

Lamona LAM3600 High Power Single Oven - 71L

An image showing Lamona LAM3600 High Power Single Oven - 71L

This Lamona single oven has an extra-large 71 liter capacity with a high powered 2800W grill and 2100W heating element for fast cooking and grilling. The programmable digital display provides precision control over 8 different cooking modes.

It comes in a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel or black finish. The triple glazed cool door includes a safety shut off mechanism. While priced higher than other Lamona models, the LAM3600 is extremely spacious and adds faster, higher powered cooking capabilities.

Lamona Double Ovens

For larger households that need expanded cooking capacity, Lamona offers very affordable 60cm and 90cm double oven options. Here are two of their best double oven models:

Lamona LAM4202 60cm Double Oven - 2 x 56L

An image showing Lamona LAM4202 60cm Double Oven - 2 x 56L

This popular built-in double oven provides two 56 liter oven cavities in a slim 60cm housing width. The top conventional oven has an LED display for controlling temperature, time, and cooking modes including grill, fan, conventional, bottom heat, and light.

The lower fan oven has its own manual control knob. Both feature A energy ratings, catalytic liners and triple-glazed doors with cooling fans to prevent exterior heating. Open the doors and both ovens are illuminated.

Owners love the versatility of having two separate ovens in a compact footprint. It provides ample cooking space for larger families at a very affordable price point compared to similar double ovens.

Lamona LAM4605 90cm Double Oven - 79L + 54L

An image showing Lamona LAM4605 90cm Double Oven - 79L + 54L

Need even more capacity? This imposing 90cm stainless steel Lamona double oven delivers both a large 79 liter main fan oven and a second 54 liter conventional oven, for a combined 133 liters of cooking space.

The top oven has an LED digital display with functions like defrost, bottom heat, conventional/fan cooking, grill, fan grill, pizza mode, and bread mode. The smaller lower oven controls temperature and timer via manual knobs. Both include cool touch doors and catalytic liners for easy cleaning.

With massive capacity and twin ovens, this appliance can comfortably handle the baking demands of even very large families. Reviewers praise the stylish stainless steel design and quality performance of the Lamona LAM4605 double oven.

Lamona Compact Oven Reviews

For secondary oven needs or smaller kitchens, Lamona compact ovens provide efficient cooking power in a miniature footprint. Here is one of their top compact models:

Lamona LAM3400 59L Built-In Compact Oven

An image showing Lamona LAM3400 59L Built-In Compact Oven

Don't have room for a full size oven? No problem. This 59 liter Lamona compact oven delivers similar performance to larger models in just 45cm width. The LED display provides precision control over the multifunction settings including conventional and fanned cooking, variable dual grill, bottom heat and defrost modes.

This built-in oven reaches temperatures up to 250°C for crispy cooking. The triple glazed cool door includes a safety shutoff mechanism. With its smaller size and A+ energy efficiency, the LAM3400 compact oven works great as a secondary oven or primary oven replacement for tight kitchen spaces.

How Does Lamona Compare To Other Brands?

Here is a brief comparison between Lamona ovens and some other popular oven brands in the UK marketplace:

Oven Brand Quality Reputation Price Range Strengths Weaknesses
Lamona Good Low-Medium Affordable, contemporary styles, reliable performance Shorter warranties, less prestige
AEG Excellent Medium-High Leading build quality and performance, prestige brand Costly
Zanussi Very Good Low-Medium Affordable, easy to use controls Lacks premium features
Bosch Excellent Medium-High German engineering, raved performance Expensive

While not considered a premium brand, Lamona ovens tend to offer very good bang-for-the-buck. They provide comparable core functionality and reliability to high-end brands at much more wallet-friendly pricing. The tradeoffs are shorter warranties versus brands like Bosch and AEG, along with less brand prestige.

Lamona Oven Pros and Cons

Here's a quick rundown of the key advantages and disadvantages associated with Lamona ovens:


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Sleek contemporary styling
  • Convenient digital & analog control options
  • Good cooking performance and efficiency
  • Durable build quality for the price
  • Large capacities available
  • 1-2 year warranties


  • Lower prestige than premium brands
  • Shorter warranty periods
  • Mixed reliability reviews online
  • Lacks smart connectivity features

So Lamona ovens provide an excellent balance of modern form and function that competes well with costlier models. Butcertain tradeoffs in long-term part reliability, prestige and features are made to achieve the accessible pricing.

Lamona Oven Reliability and Warranties

The overall reliability and longevity of Lamona ovens appears to be good, though not quite as robust as pricier models from the likes of Bosch, Neff, and Miele. The brand earns above average scores in Which? magazine reliability surveys.

On review sites like Trustpilot, most customers praise the performance and quality of their Lamona ovens but some report issues needing repairs just outside of the 12-24 month warranty periods. This indicates durability may not match more expensive brands designed to last 10+ years.

Speaking of warranties, here is the standard coverage Lamona provides with new oven purchases:

  • Parts - 12 months
  • Labor - 12 months
  • Catalytic liners - 1 or 2 years depending on model

The warranties are decent for the affordable price points but much shorter than many premium oven brands that provide 2-5 years on parts and labor.

Extended warranty options through retailers like Howdens Joinery can provide added peace of mind. But for the cost, regular maintenance and care is recommended to maximize the working lifespan of Lamona ovens as a more budget minded purchase.

Are Lamona Ovens Any Good?

The short answer is yes - Lamona ovens provide very good cooking performance and features considering their reasonable pricing. The vast majority of Lamona oven owners are happy with their purchase. As an affordable alternative to investing £600-2000+ on more luxury brands, Lamona ovens deliver excellent value.

Their stylish design and helpful digital interfaces make using a Lamona oven simple. Core features match ovens costing twice as much. While reliability doesn't quite equal premium brands engineered to last 15-20 years, Lamona ovens should function dependably for a good 7-10 years with proper maintenance and care.

For buyers seeking modern, visually appealing ovens with the latest functionality like catalytic cleaning and multi-cook modes, Lamona hits a sweet spot between price and performance. They bake, broil, roast and grill food just as well as costlier competitors.

Should I Buy a Lamona Oven?

Here are some quick pros and cons to weigh when deciding if a Lamona oven is right for your kitchen:

Benefits of Buying Lamona

  • Very affordable pricing, often hundreds less than similar models
  • Appealing contemporary oven aesthetics
  • Good selection of single, double and compact models
  • Leading features like catalytic liners and digital displays
  • Provides great value for money

Reasons to Consider Other Brands

  • Doesn't match the prestige of premium brands
  • Mixed reliability history by some owners
  • Short 12-24 month warranties
  • Lacks connectivity functions found on high-end models
  • May not last as long as pricier options

For many households shopping on tighter budgets, Lamona represents an excellent value choice that still delivers versatile, modern cooking performance. But if you're able to spend more up front for potentially longer-lasting durability from established premium brands, or want the latest smart oven tech, then brands like Bosch, Neff, AEG or Miele may be preferable.

Lamona Oven Pricing

Here are the typical current price ranges for Lamona ovens by type:

  • Single ovens - £180-400
  • Double ovens - £300-800
  • Compact ovens - £150-300

Within those ranges, pricing varies based on capacity, design, power output and features. But that gives a good idea of the very reasonable price points for Lamona ovens versus comparable models from other brands that can run hundreds more.

Even on the higher end, a spacious double oven Lamona model will be priced very competitively versus a similarly specced model from AEG or Siemens. The ovens offer excellent value given their cooking abilities and quality construction.

Are Lamona Ovens Any Good for Baking?

Thanks to very good temperature precision and even heat distribution, Lamona ovens perform reliably for baking tasks from cookies and cakes to pies and bread.

Useful functions like convection fan cooking, pizza mode in some models, and bottom heating deliver optimal results for different baked goods. Multiple shelves provide room to work on batches.

Digital displays with cooking timers and interior oven lights make it easy to monitor your progress. While they may lack the name prestige of higher-end European brands, Lamona ovens have all the functionality needed to turn out delicious baked creations.

Top Tips for Using a Lamona Oven

Here are some best practices for getting the most out of a Lamona oven as an owner:

  • Break it in gently - Run initial oven cycles at lower temps to cure the paint and burn off residuals.
  • Learn your model's hot and cool spots - Identify temperature variations and place trays accordingly.
  • Clean catalytic liners regularly - Avoid heavy grease buildup for best self-cleaning performance.
  • Don't overload trays and racks - Leave breathing room for even cooking.
  • Use pans and trays with low sides - For better airflow and browning.
  • Keep oven door gasket clean - For ideal seal and heat retention.
  • Descale any steam functions yearly - To prevent mineral buildup from hampering results.

With the right care and usage habits, your Lamona oven will deliver delicious results for years to come!

Lamona Oven FAQs

Still have some questions about Lamona ovens? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where are Lamona ovens made?

Lamona ovens are designed in the UK. Manufacturing is outsourced to major appliance producers like Caple, CDA and Whirlpool UK. Quality control occurs in the UK.

Do Lamona ovens come with racks and pans?

Yes, Lamona ovens generally include a set of oven racks and at least one baking tray or pan to get you started. Accessories vary by specific model.

Can you get Lamona ovens in different colors?

Lamona single ovens are usually available in stainless steel or black finishes. Double and compact ovens typically just come in stainless steel. Custom color options are limited.

Do Lamona ovens have self-cleaning technology?

Many Lamona ovens feature catalytic liners which use a porous graphite coating to absorb grease and facilitate cleaning at high temperatures. This provides a form of self-cleaning without harsh chemicals.

How wide are Lamona ovens?

Lamona offers both 60cm wide ovens as well as larger 90cm wide double oven models. Their compact ovens are just 45cm wide. Standard oven heights are 60cm.

Do Lamona ovens have telescopic runners?

On some higher-end models yes, but telescopic racks are not standard. Other Lamona ovens have wire racks. Additional telescopic shelves can be purchased separately from third parties.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this detailed overview has provided all the details you need to decide if a Lamona oven is the right choice for your kitchen and budget. While not premium appliances, Lamona ovens deliver reliable performance, contemporary design and helpful features at very wallet-friendly pricing.

If you're looking for an attractive, capable new oven that excels at cooking and baking without breaking the bank, Lamona models are definitely worth a close look. Just weigh the shorter warranty and potentially shorter lifespan versus more expensive brands engineered to last over a decade.

Within their competitive price point, Lamona ovens stand out for their versatile functionality via digital controls and options like catalytic cleaning. For homeowners, renters and developers seeking good looking, good cooking ovens on a budget, Lamona is a brand that consistently satisfies.