12 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Summer Outfit: Latest Reviews

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It's summer, which means that we can finally ditch the office and get out into the sun. And it's also the time of year when you need to look your best—no matter what kind of outfit you choose. After all, there's nothing worse than showing up to a special event in yoga pants (or worse). So whether you're headed to brunch with friends or having dinner al fresco at nightfall, here are some tips on how to make sure your summer looks as good as its weather:

Find a good all-purpose top

To find a good all-purpose top, look for one that can be worn with a variety of bottoms. Look for tops that are versatile and can be layered over other pieces in your closet. This way, you'll have an outfit ready to go no matter what the weather is like outside!

If there's one thing we know about summer trends, it's this: they're going to change from season to season—and even within seasons! So make sure you have more than one piece in your wardrobe (at least) that works for whatever time of year it might be.

Find a good all-purpose dress.

You should choose an outfit that is versatile and can be worn with different accessories. You want to find a dress that you can wear in multiple settings, such as on the beach during summer or out for dinner. A great example of this is this dress from ASOS Curve, which has been described as having “a chic cutout neckline” and being “one-piece swimsuit style." It's perfect for any occasion!

If you're looking for something more conservative, try pairing yours with white shoes and jewelry like earrings or bracelets (or both). This will help add color without making your outfit too bold or attention-grabbing—and it'll also keep things classy enough so that no one feels like they have to wear high heels just because they're wearing a short skirt!

Find some great basics.

First, define the problem. Before you begin searching for answers, it's important to know what your goals are and how they align with your personal style. If you want to look good but don't know where to start, take a look at these three tips:

  • Define your objectives ahead of time by writing them down in detail (this helps keep them in mind).
  • Set expectations for yourself by determining what level of fitness is achievable within 3-6 months—don't worry about whether or not this is realistic; just focus on achieving those goals! You'll be surprised at how quickly time goes by when working toward specific goals!

Create your own uniform.

  • Create your own uniform.
  • Make sure it's comfortable and easy to wear, but also appropriate for the occasion.
  • Make sure it's in good repair, condition and taste.

Go with a classic shade like navy blue or khaki.

A classic color, no matter what season it is. Navy blue is a timeless and versatile color that's perfect for summer outfits. If you're not sure about your shade of navy (or khaki), try on some items from our collection at Nordstrom.com to see which one looks best on you!

Add an accessory that works as hard as you do, such as a belt, statement necklace, or pretty scarf.

Accessories are a great way to add color, texture and pattern to your outfit. They can be used to make an outfit more interesting, or they can simply be used as the perfect finishing touch on top of any outfit. Here are some tips for choosing accessories that work as hard as you do:

  • Add an accessory that makes your look fun and happy! If you're feeling down, go out in something bright like neon pink or yellow! If it's hot outside then try going with something lighter like white denim jeans with a flowy shirt overtop; this will give your outfit a refreshing feel without having too much weight from heavy clothing (which could lead to sweating).
  • Add an accessory that works as hard as you do! Think about what kind of mood/job/personality type suits what kind of style best? For example: If I'm feeling bored then wearing some sort-of plain black sleeveless shirt would probably not suit me very well because it wouldn't reflect my character well enough; however if instead I wore something colorful like blue jeans paired up with red sneakers then everyone else would probably notice how happy I was just by looking at how colorful everything looked together (and maybe even comment on how nice my shoes were?).

Choose items that pack well.

  • Choose items that pack well.
  • Choose items that can be worn in a variety of ways.
  • When you're trying to decide what to wear, think about how you will wear it later on and decide whether or not it's worth it to invest time and money into something that won't last as long as other options available at the store (or online).
  • If you don't want something too formal or too casual, take advantage of versatile pieces! For example: if I'm going out with friends after work at night but still need something cute enough so I feel confident enough during conversation but not too dressed up; then I will opt for jeans instead of heels because they'll allow me room for movement while still looking put together enough without being too "over-the-top" about it all day long...

Consider a few bold statement pieces to highlight your ensemble.

When it comes to your summer outfit, a few bold statement pieces can really pull together an otherwise casual look. Consider a bold color or pattern, an accessory that stands out from the crowd (a colorful hat or scarf), a different item of clothing (like a colorful dress), or even footwear (a pair of neon sneakers).

If you're not sure where to start with these options, try combining them with one another: A statement bag and shoes will add interest while keeping things simple. The same goes for accessories—beaded bracelets paired with jeans are always fun!

Contrast color and pattern throughout your outfit for effect.

Contrasting and complementing colors are two of the most important principles in designing an outfit. When you pair two contrasting shades together, it creates visual interest for your clothes and accessories. For example, if you have a dark shirt with light jeans or shorts, this will add interest to your look by using various shades of black and white.

A complementary color scheme is when one color sits opposite another on the color wheel (or spectrum). For example: yellow-orange paired with red or blue-green paired with purple are both very common examples of complementary schemes!

Contrasting colors can be used in many different ways depending on what style you're going for; think bold patterns like stripes or polka dots against solid tones like black & white shirts/tees—or even just adding stripes to plain silhouettes like button down shirts etcetera--all give off different vibes depending on how much contrast there is between each item within that particular outfit piece!

Look for neutral shades for the bulk of your outfit and add pattern through key pieces.

  • Look for neutral shades for the bulk of your outfit and add pattern through key pieces.
  • Make sure to choose neutral shades that are versatile and can be mixed and matched with other patterns. You want something that will work with everything, but not overwhelm the rest of your look.
  • Try adding a patterned scarf or belt around your waistline to draw attention away from the bulk of your outfit (and tie back into looking like an adult).

Don't be afraid to show off your waistline!

  • Show off your waistline with a belt. A belt can make you look slimmer, and it also helps to keep your clothes from falling off when you're walking around or dancing.
  • Show off your waistline with a skirt or shorts. There are so many cute summer skirts out there that would look great with this outfit! You could even try wearing them as separates (for example: skirt over leggings).
  • Show off your waistline with a crop top! Crop tops are very versatile in terms of how they can be styled; they can be worn casually or dressed up depending on what else you pair them with (like jeans).

Don't forget about legs! Show them off with shorts or skirts if it's appropriate for the event or location you're attending.

Whether you're going to an outdoor event or a formal dinner, shorts and skirts are a great way to show off your legs. They can also be worn for work, play or special occasions.

If you're going to an outdoor event (like a barbecue), then shorts and t-shirts are usually acceptable. However, if it's more formal (like at the office) then skirts with sandals will look better than jeans. On top of that—and this may come as no surprise—but men can wear both shorts AND skirts!

You can choose summer outfits that are fashionable while also being comfortable and practical

Summer is the season of being outside, and this means that you should be wearing clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable. You want to look good while also feeling great in your clothes, so it's important to choose pieces that will work for both style and practicality.

To help you with this task, here are some tips on how to find the perfect summer outfit:

  • Comfort: The most important thing about fashion is comfort—the more comfortable an item of clothing feels, the better! If an item doesn't feel right or makes you feel uncomfortable at all then it probably won't be worth wearing anyway (plus if something doesn't fit well then there's no point trying). So when looking at dresses/shirts/pants etc., make sure they don't pinch or dig into any areas where they shouldn't be touching (like underarms), nor should they be too tight around ankles or calves because these parts tend not only cause pain but also sweat excessively over time due simply having too much fabric against them which causes those areas become clammy with wetness causing friction burns later down line especially after prolonged exposure time period."


It's summer! We all want to look our best in the warmer months, but it can be hard to find the perfect outfit that works for your particular situation. So we've put together some tips for finding a good summer look that will last through any weather and any occasion. If you follow these tips then you'll be able to find outfits that are stylish and comfortable at the same time!

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